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When it comes to sending bulk emails to a purchased opt-in email list, is the right solution. provides rebrandable (white label) email marketing softwares along with dedicated smtp servers meant specifically for sending promotional / marketing emails to any opt-in email list. BoxxerMail also provides downloadable emailing software and a separate smtp server meant for sending regular email newsletters to your existing clients with guaranteed INBOX delivery.

Customers can send unlimited emails for just 79$ per month. Send 50K emails/day from a vps & 100K emails per day from a dedicated server. Signup For 60 Days Free Trial Today & Start Sending Real Emails.

Major feature of software and servers provided by is IP rotation. Ie after every single email is send, sending IP will change, thereby reducing the risk of IP getting blacklisted. Since a pool of 16 to 32 dedicated static IPs are used per each customer, spam complaints get split into different IPs thereby reducing the risk of server shut down. This doesn’t mean any way that services offered by can be used for spamming purposes. also provides smtp servers and downloadable email marketing softwares to its customers who wish to send regular email newsletters to their existing clients. , an initiative of provides SMTP Servers meant for sending regular newsletters or transactional email messages with guaranteed INBOX delivery. Once a customer purchases SMTP Server from , they are given 4 parameters – 1.server name / host name 2. User id / email id 3. Password 4. Port number. They can input these details into ANY email marketing software (web based or downloadable) and send bulk emails with guaranteed inbox delivery.


We recommend our customers to use BoxxerMail 2.0 downloadable email marketing software along with smtp servers from which is a perfect blend for sending regular email newsletters to their existing clients with 100% guaranteed INBOX delivery. also provides its customers with free email delivery tracking software at Customers can get detailed graphical reports & statistics regarding the number of opens, clicks on links inside the email content and much more.


Apart from email marketer, also provides 100% free email extraction softwares meant for email address extraction from websites and search engines based on a particular keyword (eg – hotels in California), also country wise / categorized opt-in email lists which also can be used for telemarketing. has been providing bulk email delivery services to its customers since year 2007 and has around 4500 satisfied customers world wide. also helps new entrepreneurs who would like to start their own email marketing business by providing the entire technology (softwares , servers and website) rebranded in their company name. Visit the website and click white label solution for more details.


Those who like to become an affiliate / reseller of products can sign up here . It is 100% free and 30% recurring commission is offered to the resellers for the sales they bring in.

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